Water Wise Perennials for Colorado

There are many benefits to using Colorado native and water-wise perennial plants for home and commercial landscapes. Colorado water-wise perennials are naturally adapted to their specific Colorado climate, soils, and environmental conditions.  You may create a lush, attractive native landscape utilizing water-wise perennials and shrubs.

Another benefit of using Colorado water-wise plants in landscapes is that they may attract a wide variety of wildlife including mammals, birds, and butterflies. Landscaping with natives on a large or small scale can maintain biodiversity that otherwise could be lost to development.

Where To Grow Water-Wise/ Drought Tolerant Perennials

There are several factors to consider in designing a water-wise/ drought tolerant landscape. Due to Colorado’s wide variation of elevation and topography, native plants are found in a variety of habitats. To maximize survival with minimal external inputs, native and related plants should be selected to match the site’s life zone and the plant’s moisture, light, and soil requirements. Even if a plant is listed for a particular life zone, the aspect (north, south, east or west facing) of the proposed site should match the moisture requirement.

Growing native plants does not exclude the use of adapted non-native plants. There are many non-native plants that are adapted to Colorado’s climate and can be used in a native landscape as long as moisture, light, and soil requirements are similar.

Culture and Maintenance

Successful establishment of native/ water-wise/ drought tolerant plants may require supplemental moisture after planting. Once established, the watering frequency can be reduced or even eliminated if the plant was sited in its native environmental conditions. Container grown perennials can be planted at any time during the growing season. Container grown perennials are often grown in a soiless mixture of peat and bark, so the planting site should be amended with Natures Yield Organic Compost. Native plant communities make Colorado visually distinct from the eastern, southern or western United States. Native plant gardens are wildlife habitats and each plant contributes to the biodiversity of the state.

Additional Water-Wise Garden Planning here: Colorado Smart Gardening

Water-Wise Perennials for Colorado Landscapes

Creek Side Gardens continues to focus on growing a large selection of water-wise/ drought tolerant perennials that Colorado gardeners will be successful growing to provide a beautiful western landscape with lower water requirements.  Over time, they will reward the homeowner with their natural beauty and ecological benefits.

When you visit Creek Side Gardens, you will find the most water-wise/ drought tolerant perennials grouped together for your convenience to easily identify what they are.  In addition, low to moderate water perennials for a sunny location are grouped together.  You will then find shady perennials selections grouped together in a separate area.

Check out the Water-Wise selections at Creek Side Gardens

Achillea – Yarrow

Agastache – Hyssop

Amsonia – Bluestars

Artemisia – Silver Mound

Baptisia – Wild Indigo

Berlanderia – Chocolate Flower

Callirhoe – Winecups

Centranthus – Jupiters Beard

Cerastium – Snow in Summer

Delosperma – Ice Plant

Echinacea – Cone Flower

Echium – Red Feathers

Eriogonum – Kannah Creek Buckwheat

Gazania – Colorado Gold

Lavender – Lavender

Nepeta – Catmint

Penstemon – Beardtongues

Perovskia – Russian Sage

Sedum – Stone Crop

Sempervivum – Hens & Chicks