What’s Happening at Creek Side?

It’s been a quiet break at Creek Side Gardens the past few weeks.  The Green Team is taking it easy, resting up from a terrific 2017 season and re-charging the batteries for the upcoming fun ahead in 2018!  But beneath the quiet is the gentle rumbling of springtime planning, supply deliveries, greenhouse maintenance and a little crop work.  Plus, somebody must be here every day to take care of Bud!

An exciting announcement for home vegetable gardeners: Creek Side Gardens is now an official source for Burpee vegetable plants for the 2018 spring season!  Many of you are familiar with Burpee, a company that has faithfully served home vegetable gardeners for the last 142 years.

For those of you not familiar with Burpee, Creek Side joined the Burpee program primarily for the opportunity to exclusively offer outstanding tomato, pepper, squash and cucumber varieties developed through the Burpee breeding program.  Varieties with unique characteristics and qualities for home gardens including Space Savers for small gardens, Amazing Veggies demonstrating high yields and great taste and Foodie Fresh featuring new and unique varieties of specialized and flavorful vegetables.  Check out the Take 2 Tomato Combo in the photo, available at Creek Side this spring!

We will have more information to pass on but in the meantime, check out the Burpee Home Gardens web site for additional info: www.BurpeeHomeGardens.com

Some of you last year may have noticed Creek Side’s expanded selection of landscape shrubs and trees.  You will be pleased to know that will continue for 2018 with an even bigger selection of native and xeric varieties for gardeners interested in developing a home landscape that will require less water.  A landscape that will be a little more in line with our natural dry, low water environment.

The Grown Fresh perennial selection is moving in the same direction, offering over 300 varieties of perennials that have been selected specifically for success in our Rocky Mountain growing environment.  Perennial planting begins in the Creek Side greenhouses in a few weeks.  These plants will complement the perennial plants being over-wintered in our cold frames.  This way, we can offer you the very best quality and selection of perennial plants anywhere.

Including the 2018 Perennial Plant of the Year from the Perennial Plant Association, Allium Millenium. Unlike many of the alliums out there, which bloom in the spring, Millenium blooms in the summer. It forms attractive 1-ft. tall and wide clumps of narrow, glossy green deer- and rabbit-resistant leaves. These appealing clumps are topped with 2-in. rosy-purple flower heads for over one month in the summer. The blooms attract loads of butterflies and honeybees.

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgot about our big, beautiful hanging baskets and container gardens of beautiful annual flowers!  We’ll talk about them in our next issue of “Color Your Life eNews”!