Who Flipped the Switch?

Right on cue, ole Mother Nature flipped the switch from summer to fall.  And you know what follows that…!?  In the meantime, we will enjoy this beautiful fall weather, which is a favorite time of the year for so many people.

The air is crisp, the colors on display are changing daily and it is exciting to react to what each day brings.  Whether it is warm soothing sunshine, or cool welcome moisture, we know that the season is changing fast.  This creates a certain sense of urgency to complete projects around the yard or begin to get the garden beds and landscape ready for winter.  Here we go, drawing the summer season to a close and getting ready for freezing temperatures that winter brings.

Pumpkins in the Creek Side Courtyard are looking fabulous for decorating your porch.  Big selection of smooth, warted, colored and mini pumpkins to choose from.  Add a colorful Grown Fresh blooming Fall mum, black-eyed Susan, purple ornamental kale, pansies or maybe a bale of straw and a bunch of cornstalks and you have the ultimate Fall Porch Kit!  Or mix these plants together in a flower pot to create an awesome fall combo planter.  Come on in, we’ll show you how!

Garlic bulbs have arrived!  Now is the time to plant garlic.  Brand-new, garden designed blends of Dutch bulbs make it easy to create areas of bright spring color.  Come in and ask about the Non-Stop Red  or Yellow blend of early & late varieties of Tulips or cool new tulip varieties!  All the tools and supplies you need for planting available as well.

Most of the perennial plants are in the process of being placed in the cold frames for winter.  After our first hard frost the tops of the plants will be cut back and cleaned up.  In the meantime, their growth rates have slowed down but the roots continue to grow which is the important.  That way they will be stronger through the winter months.

Great selection of shrubs available now.  Still good time to plant outside because the soil is warm to stimulate new root growth.  Keep all your newly planted perennials and shrubs well-watered through the fall.  Then water monthly through the winter to help ensure their survival.

What a beautiful time of the year!  The color’s, the smells, the fresh feel of fall in the air! Let’s celebrate the change of seasons with some fresh ideas!