More Planting at Creek Side

During the last two weeks we’ve planted over 10,000 pots of Grown Fresh™ perennials that will begin to bloom and be ready to plant in your garden and landscape beginning mid-April.  Over 350 different varieties especially selected by your Green Team staff of gardening professionals to grow and perform well in our hot, dry Colorado growing climate.

Because we select every variety grown, not only can you expect our plants to grow well, but you will also find one of the most wide and unique selections of perennials anywhere in the area.  Including many selections like Ice Plant, Agastache and Penstemon from Plant Select, the collaborative effort between the Denver Botanic Garden and Colorado State University to introduce to plants for the Rocky Mountain growing climate.  You will find a special shopping area for Plant Select at Creek Side.

Of course, not all gardens and landscapes are sunny.  Some of our more mature neighborhoods offer a lot of shade due to the large trees and shrubs that were planted several years ago.  Creek Side offer a large selection of perennial plants like Hosta, Brunnera and Bleeding Hearts suitable for shade as well.

Creek Side Yard & Garden Shop

New gardening supplies and decor rolling in every day now.  We open the season with seed sowing supplies, potting soil, cool season frost blankets and tunnels.  Garden cleanup tools, kneeling pads, pruning shears and gloves- everything you need to get your garden action going for the early season.



Botanical Interests Seeds

Botanical Interests from Broomfield, CO stocked our seed racks this week with all the wonderful varieties of herbs, vegetables and flowers that you love to plant.  Botanical Interests is our exclusive supplier of seeds.

We love Botanical Interests because they are a local family business.  Their philosophy is to inspire and educate the gardener within.  That is why, since 1995 they have been supplying gardeners with the highest quality seed in the most beautiful and informative seed packets on the market. Curtis and Judy started Botanical Interests because they believed that gardeners were not getting the information they needed from their seed packets. Their desire for more information along with their passion for spreading gardening wisdom led them to create a unique seed packet that is not only beautiful, but is also filled with facts, tips, recipes, and quality seed.

Check out the big selection at Creek Side.  Click here for seed sowing tips.

ProGreen Expo

Our regional trade show and conference ProGreen was a big hit last week.  We attended classes to learn everything we could about new plants and how to care for them.  Explored new products for our Yard and Garden Shop.  Kerry taught a semiar on container planting to a full house of plant professionals and filled in the Wild West theme at the Last Chance Saloon for the Potting Challenge like a champ.  And we used the experience to network with all the wonderful people and businesses in our landscape, nursery, greenhouse and garden center businesses.  It was an inspiration and a great kick-off to a brand new 2020 spring season!