Vegetable Variety Selections for 2021

Early spring is such an exciting time of the year for gardeners.  Go with what Mother Nature offers and use the types of plants that appreciate the early, Cool Season Gardening conditions in April.

Seed sowing is so easy and inexpensive.  What a great opportunity to take a chance and try a new variety or a new growing technique in the garden.  Try growing early season vegetables in containers if the ground beds are not ready or space is limited.  Consider planting any of the following variety suggestions of Early Spring Veggies for cool weather gardening success.  These are only suggestions, there are many more to choose from.

Cool Season Seeds

Lettuce – Renee’s Container Garden Babies Butterhead or Sweet Baby Romaine or Botanical Interests classics Black Seeded Simpson or Salad Bowl Mix

Spinach – Renees Babyleaf or Botanical Interests classic Bloomsdale

Radishes – Renees Garden Party Mixed colors or Botanical Interests classic Cherry Belle

Carrots – Renees Babette French Baby or Botanical Interests classic Danvers 126 or Little Fingers

Beets – Renees Sweet Merlin Roasting Beets or Botanical Interests classic Detroit Dark Red

Peas – Sugar Snap, Oregon Sugar Pod for edible pods or Progress#9 for shelling

Now is the time to plant the cool season vegetable bulbs.  More Info Here

Potatoes – Red Nordland, Russett or Harvest Blend of different color potatoes

Onions – red or white

Garlic bulbs

Cool Season transplants

Creek Side offers a selection or cool season transplants that are ready now for planting in a container or garden bed.  Find the following in a 3.5” square pot priced at $3.95 each.

Broccoli, Cabbage, Kale, Kohlrabi, Brussels Sprouts, Lettuce, Peas

Planting Warm Season

Normally we should not consider planting the warm season vegetables until Mid-May/ Mother’s Day as this is the traditional frost-free date for our area.  Cold and freezing temperatures may still occur.  But generally, this is the earliest time to begin planting this group of vegetables.  Even waiting until the end of May is not too late and because the temperatures are warming up quickly, the later plantings often catch up with the early plantings.

Warm Season Seeds

Corn – Sugar Baby and Honey and Cream are extra sweet

Beans – Blue Lake 274 bush (short) or Kentucky Wonder pole (on a trellis)

Warm Season transplants

Creek Side is sowing seeds in the greenhouse now so that we may offer a large selection of ready to transplant starter plants for containers or gardens.  Over twenty varieties of tomatoes and peppers each.  Plus squashes, cucumbers, melons, pumpkins, eggplant.  List of Varieties Here

If you are relatively new to vegetable gardening, consider growing the following selections of Easiest to Grow Vegetables

All grown safely in our greenhouses.  These are the plants we take home to grow in our gardens and feed to our families too!