Creek Side Gardens

Early Summer Garden Tips

Right on schedule, our spring season is moving into the full summer season mode. If you still need flowers, visit Creek Side for the best selection in town of Grown Fresh Container Gardens, Hanging Baskets, annual flowers, perennial flowers, roses, shrubs and trees.  We have been taking good care of all our flowers during the ups and downs of this spring season.  Plus, we schedule... Read More

Tomato Planting Tips

Tomatoes are easy to love and easy to grow. Here are a few tips for planting them, getting you on your way to this summer’s bumper crop. Get Off to a Great Start Choose healthy starts. Grow your own from seed or pick them up at Creek Side Gardens offering small, medium, large and extra-large plant selections. Know where you’re going to plant and prep... Read More

Gardening Today

People are discovering clever ways to garden anywhere and everywhere.  In a tiny yard, or no yard at all.  Whether it is a container garden, a raised bed or a traditional in-ground bed, all gardens provide significant benefits, helping you discover health and community right in your own backyard. Vegetable Gardens What do you want to grow?  Herb and vegetable gardens are more popular than... Read More

Spring into Essential Garden Supplies

Plan ahead and be equipped with garden supplies that you will find helpful this season. FERTILIZERS Jack’s – Our mainstay fertilizer that we sell and grow with is Jack’s.  The Petunia Feed is for ALL flowers in containers and a great start the season fertilizer.  Round out the trio with the All Purpose and Bloom Booster. Down To Earth (Organic) – New this season is... Read More

The Longest Flowering Perennials

A well-designed garden provides interest from early spring through late autumn, and beyond if you also select plants for winter structure. But, for the main growing season, much of that interest comes from flowering and foliage plants. Gardeners who want a lower maintenance landscape would be wise to look for perennial plants that are both easy-to-grow and offer a long blooming period. Most perennial plants flower... Read More

Ornamental Grasses

Design and Care Grasses add variety to many types of gardens adding two elements to the garden experience that are not readily obtained from many other plants: movement and sound. Grasses look well against a dark background and placed to catch morning or evening light. Vertical Presence & Winter Interest Grasses also add a significant vertical presence to the winter landscape and are commonly left... Read More

Water Wise Perennials for Colorado

There are many benefits to using Colorado native and water-wise perennial plants for home and commercial landscapes. Colorado water-wise perennials are naturally adapted to their specific Colorado climate, soils, and environmental conditions.  You may create a lush, attractive native landscape utilizing water-wise perennials and shrubs. Another benefit of using Colorado water-wise plants in landscapes is that they may attract a wide variety of wildlife including... Read More

Roses, Shrubs and Trees

Roses Last week of April/ first week in May we will herald the arrival of over 300 rose bushes and a great selection of flowering shrubs and trees.  Because most of our display areas are out of doors, we like to wait until late April to bring them in so that hopefully most of the cold, snowy weather has passed.  That worked out this year... Read More

The Easiest Vegetables to Grow

A low maintenance vegetable garden A vegetable garden isn’t a no-maintenance space, but with a little planning, soil care, good site selection, and smart crop choices it can certainly be a lower maintenance garden. If you’re new to gardening or just tight on time, keep it simple and keep it small. You can grow a lot of food in a single raised bed or a few... Read More

Easy Annuals to Plant this Spring

Old-fashioned annual flowers like nasturtiums and zinnias have made a huge comeback in gardens and containers. Because of an increased interest in supporting pollinators and butterflies, the popularity of cut flowers, and because they’re beautiful and easy to grow, this group of annual flowers are gaining in popularity.  Not to mention, growing flowers from seed is a great budget choice as well! Quick Growing from... Read More