Plant & Gardening Trends

Fertilome® 4-Step Lawn Care Program

For your lawn to look its best spring, summer and fall, in addition to water, it needs nutrients. The Creek Side Lawn Care program is developed with the premise that regular fertilization, along with aeration, good mowing and watering practices, is key to maintaining a strong, healthy lawn. A healthy lawn is more resistant to weeds and disease problems. New this year, Creek Side is introducing the Fertilome® brand  4-Step Lawn Care Program which includes four... Read More

Plant Select

Plant Select® is the country’s leading brand of plants designed to thrive in high plains and intermountain regions, offering plants that provide more beauty with less work so gardeners of all levels can achieve smart, stunning and successful gardens using fewer resources and with a more positive environmental impact. Plant Select’s goal is to create smart plant choices for a new American Landscape inspired by... Read More

Gardening Today

People are discovering clever ways to garden anywhere and everywhere.  In a tiny yard, or no yard at all.  Whether it is a container garden, a raised bed or a traditional in-ground bed, all gardens provide significant benefits, helping you discover health and community right in your own backyard. What do you want to grow?  Herb and vegetable gardens are more popular than ever.  Plants... Read More

How to Read a Seed Packet

From our friends at CSU Denver Extension Horticulture: If you can read and follow instructions, you can grow a garden. Most seed packets have all the information a gardener needs to plant and grow whatever seeds are hidden inside. Whether you want to plant flowers, herbs, fruits or vegetables, let the seed packet be your guide. Instead of falling for the picture on the front... Read More

Pepper Seed Sowing

Now’s the time to start thinking about sowing peppers indoors! Creek Side Gardens features a great selection of pepper seed varieties from Botanical Interests, our local seed supplier.  Whether you like the heat or like them sweet, peppers are a kitchen staple. Temperature is crucial for starting peppers. Pepper seeds germinate much faster if the soil/media is kept at 70°-90°F. At cooler temperatures, they can... Read More

What’s Happening at Creek Side?

It’s been a quiet break at Creek Side Gardens the past few weeks.  The Green Team is taking it easy, resting up from a terrific 2017 season and re-charging the batteries for the upcoming fun ahead in 2018!  But beneath the quiet is the gentle rumbling of springtime planning, supply deliveries, greenhouse maintenance and a little crop work.  Plus, somebody must be here every day... Read More

Late Fall Garden Tips

Just as our fall landscapes were changing colors and looking beautiful, an early frost and winter snap saw an abrupt end to that beauty.  Golden yellow leaves on honeylocusts and cottonwoods, bright red leaves on maples and purple ash turned brown.  And trees that had not started turning color dried up green.  There are a few late coloring trees like oaks looking very nice right... Read More

Get Ready for Frost & Planting Bulbs

Average fall frost date for Colorado is Oct. 10.  Looks like Mother Nature may be a couple of days early this year, but like the fall weather, right on schedule. Last week we discussed bringing in cold temperature sensitive plants.  Better get them in this weekend.  More Info Here.  Flowering pots and hanging baskets could be moved into the garage for a few nights.  If... Read More

Fall Planting Guide

What to consider when planting a Tree, Shrub, Rose, or Perennial – Planning Preparation (of area) Purchasing Planting Materials to have on hand for planting a Tree, Shrub, Rose or Perennial – Hand Trowel/ Spade/Shovel or Garden Fork Nature’s Yield Organic Compost Ferti-Lome Root Stimulator Mulch Garden Hose/Watering Can Tape Measure Plan: Measure the bed area, the amount of sunlight the area gets and how... Read More

More August Garden Tips

Pat yourself on the back.  We made it through the 95-degree days of July.  Then we made it through the rainy monsoon days of August.  Now it is warming up again during the day, but the nights are cooling off.  Don’t give up on your flowers because there is a lot of beautiful flowering weather ahead! When temperatures are now 85-90 degrees again, still check... Read More