Plant & Gardening Trends

What’s Happening at Creek Side?

It’s been a quiet break at Creek Side Gardens the past few weeks.  The Green Team is taking it easy, resting up from a terrific 2017 season and re-charging the batteries for the upcoming fun ahead in 2018!  But beneath the quiet is the gentle rumbling of springtime planning, supply deliveries, greenhouse maintenance and a little crop work.  Plus, somebody must be here every day... Read More

Late Fall Garden Tips

Just as our fall landscapes were changing colors and looking beautiful, an early frost and winter snap saw an abrupt end to that beauty.  Golden yellow leaves on honeylocusts and cottonwoods, bright red leaves on maples and purple ash turned brown.  And trees that had not started turning color dried up green.  There are a few late coloring trees like oaks looking very nice right... Read More

Get Ready for Frost & Planting Bulbs

Average fall frost date for Colorado is Oct. 10.  Looks like Mother Nature may be a couple of days early this year, but like the fall weather, right on schedule. Last week we discussed bringing in cold temperature sensitive plants.  Better get them in this weekend.  More Info Here.  Flowering pots and hanging baskets could be moved into the garage for a few nights.  If... Read More

Fall Planting Guide

What to consider when planting a Tree, Shrub, Rose, or Perennial – Planning Preparation (of area) Purchasing Planting Materials to have on hand for planting a Tree, Shrub, Rose or Perennial – Hand Trowel/ Spade/Shovel or Garden Fork Nature’s Yield Organic Compost Ferti-Lome Root Stimulator Mulch Garden Hose/Watering Can Tape Measure Plan: Measure the bed area, the amount of sunlight the area gets and how... Read More

More August Garden Tips

Pat yourself on the back.  We made it through the cool, wet spring season.  We made it through the 95-degree days of July.  Then we made it through a few rainy monsoon days.  Now we are back to the 95 degree days.  But next week will bring a cool down,including night temperatures which will take us through the end of the month.  Don’t give up... Read More

Timely August Garden Tips

Number one August assignment is to sit back, relax and enjoy your summer garden in all its glory!  Invite friends and neighbors over to show off and celebrate all your hard work! If you can’t sit back and relax…there is plenty to do…. Consider seeding a fall crop of lettuce, spinach, Swiss chard, beets, peas etc. Basil and cilantro may also be sown now as... Read More

Benefits of Lavender

Celebrate the versatility of lavender by using this plant to its fullest. The benefits of lavender start in the garden, as a wonderful Colorado perennial garden plant.  But you can enjoy lavender benefits indoors, too. Lavender offers many uses in the home, from scenting linens, to seasoning foods, to creating a luxurious bath. Lavender is an herb native to northern Africa and the mountainous regions of the... Read More

Tomatoes & Hot Weather Tips

How are your tomatoes growing? Problems with Blossom End Rot?  The dark grey, black-sunken area on the blossom end of tomatoes. Though many people think blossom end rot is a disease, it isn’t. Blossom end rot is not caused by a bacteria or fungus, nor is it something that is caused by an insect pest. It is a physiological disorder thought to be caused by... Read More

Mid Summer Garden Tips

Japanese Beetles & Control Japanese beetles are coming!  They can be very damaging to plants, especially roses, grape vines, virginia creeper vines.  Adults feed on leaves, buds and flowers of many common garden and landscape plants.  Feeding on leaves is usually restricted to the softer tissues between the larger leaf veins, which results in a characteristic feeding pattern known and described as ‘skeletonizing’.  More generalized... Read More

Fresh Summer Flowers

Once summer starts, it is not the end of the season at Creek Side Gardens.  It just begins a new chapter.  We are constantly planting and nurturing Grown Fresh flower crops all year long.  As the greenhouses begin to empty out after the busy spring season, we begin to fill them back up again so that you can be assured of finding fresh, beautiful flowers all summer... Read More