Old Apple House in Autumn   Seeping down from the cracks in the knotted ceiling, And lifting from the depths of the earthen floor, An oddly released and subtle scent comes stealing From the hoardings of many an autumn gone before. And now afresh the Pippins, Baldwins, and Russets Heaped high in bushel baskets add their scent To linger long in this ancient house long... Read More

Indoor Planting Projects

Now is the perfect time for indoor planting projects with the arrival of cooler temperatures.   Are you interested in creating your own indoor garden?  Have you thought about planting your own terrarium?  Or succulent garden?  Or herb garden?  Are you ready for some new houseplants to not only decorate your home but clean the air as well?  Or re-pot existing houseplants to get them ready... Read More

Fall & Winter Garden & Landscape Tips

Lawns Hand rake lawns to remove leaves and encourage air movement in roots. Top dress with uneven spots with top soil and/or peat moss. Reseed bare spots. Aerate lawn with a minimum of 2” plugs (not too dry). Leave plugs on top of lawn. Apply Fertilome Winterizer 1 lb. of high nitrogen fertilizer per 1,000 sq ft. of turf. Water in well. Planting Beds Remove... Read More

Creek Side Fall and Winter Events

Creek Side Gardens believes that joy comes from being connected and making active contributions to the community. Our free community events create a place where we come together to celebrate the seasons all through the calendar year.  The Event Season at Creek Side Gardens this summer has been especially fun, exciting and successful this year.  Our fall event calendar looks equally exciting!  Annual Event Calendar... Read More

Bringing in the Sheaves

For thousands of years humans spent their short-lived existence as hunters and gatherers. The ebb and flow of the seasons was their unwritten calendar. Large animals kept marching forward to greener “pastures.” So, we followed. Somewhere along this ancient timeline was a budding horticulturist with a curiosity of green growing things.  Most likely what happened was they experienced tired feet and were really poor at... Read More

September is a BEE-tiful Month

Initiated by the National Honey Board in 1989, The National Honey Month of September marks an important time for honey producers and beekeepers across the nation. In the United States, honey collection season typically concludes at this time of the year as bees begin to secure their hives and prepare for winter. In the spirit of celebration, here are a few fun, crazy facts you... Read More


Have you noticed? The morning air is growing cool and crisp. Touches of autumn are beginning to envelop the hot, sticky days of summer.  Anticipation awaits the dawning of a new season and a certain bittersweet emotion of the sun sinking earlier upon the horizon. Thoughts of color fill the mind – the softening of summer’s riotous colors slowly fading into rich, jewel-tone hues –... Read More

Early August Garden Tips

Number one August assignment is to sit back, relax and enjoy your summer garden in all its glory!  Invite friends and neighbors over to show off and celebrate all your hard work! If you can’t sit back and relax…there is plenty to do…. Consider seeding a fall crop of lettuce, spinach, Swiss chard, peas etc. Basil and cilantro may also be sown now as there... Read More

Mid-Late Season Perennials

Perennial plants differ from annuals not only in the fact that they are winter hardy and will come back each year, but in the fact that typically many perennials bloom during a portion of the season rather than all season long. So, in addition to flower color and plant height, another dimension (fun) to designing a perennial flower bed is to incorporate plants that bloom... Read More

Lavender Dayz Recipes

  LAVENDER GINGER LEMONADE Makes 6 servings Lavender Ginger Syrup (recipe follows) 4 cups water ½ cup fresh lemon juice Prepare the lavender syrup.  In a 2 quart pitchwe4r, combine water, lemon juice and syrup.  Add ice to the top and stir to chill (or serve in ice filled glasses). Lavender Ginger Syrup 1 cup sugar 4 ounces crystallized ginger chopped 2 tablespoons dried culinary... Read More