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Garden Planning in August

You might think that we have lost our minds but…now is the perfect time in the season to begin planning your garden and landscape for next year.  Look at your garden.  What do you see?  What would you like to add or improve?  For comparison, look at the neighborhood landscapes including roadway medians and business landscapes.  What do you see that you like?  Would these... Read More

More Big Summer Color

The Creek Side Grown Fresh Big Summer Color Program is in full swing!  Big beautiful blooming plants in 6” diameter pots are loaded with fresh summer color to spruce up your porch, patio and garden.  Varieties selected are great warm season temperature choices and grown in a large pot size to hold moisture a little longer. Choose Your Own Combination of Plants & Colors These... Read More

Mid-Late Season Perennials

Perennial plants differ from annuals not only in the fact that they are winter hardy and will come back each year, but in the fact that typically many perennials bloom during a portion of the season rather than all season long. Seasonal Bloomers So, in addition to flower color and plant height, another dimension (fun) to designing a perennial flower bed is to incorporate plants... Read More

Summer Shrubs and Trees

Finally!  Beautiful summertime weather conditions in store for the next couple of weeks.  Remember the 95 degree days a couple of weeks ago?  What a relief it has been the last week to experience moderate temperatures, with rain in the forecast.  And if it is relief to us, it certainly has been a relief for our flowerpots and landscape plants as well. Landscape planting It... Read More

More Hot Weather Tips

When the temperature goes over 90 degrees; an extra dose of love and care will help keep your flowers flourishing throughout the summer. Check flowers twice daily for water, once in the morning and again in the evening.  Some pots/beds may require additional water applications to fight the heat. Apply enough water so that the water is coming out the bottom of container, especially hanging... Read More

Mom, Nana, Mommy, Mama

Mom, Nana, Mommy, Mama – anyway you say it, we have gifts for her Creek Side Gardens has always been a great place to buy gifts for your mom and the other mom’s in your life.  This year is no different. Cup a tea A great conversation with your mom over a cup of tea. We have some pretty teacups with a strainer for ‘steeping’... Read More

The Early Season Begins

Not only does it feel like spring, with the warm weather we are experiencing right now, it sometimes feels like summer is right around the corner. But wait a minute…we live in the Rocky Mountain growing region.  What does that mean?  Well, for all of you have lived in this area for some time, you know what that means…there is more cold, snow, rain and... Read More

Another Rocky Mountain Spring

The rollercoaster spring weather here in Colorado can be challenging.  A warm few 60-degree days gets everyone in a happy tizzy to start planting.  Then a drastic cold snap stops us in our tracks as we wait for the weather to stabilize.  For all of you that have lived in this area for some time, you know this is normal – ‘typical Rocky Mountain Spring’.... Read More

Garden Art – what’s in your Outdoor Living Space?

Your garden pots are planted with glorious colored annuals.  The vegetable garden is flourishing with the hopes of a good bounty.  You look around and wonder, ‘something is missing’.  Garden art is an extension of your personal style and creates visual interest.  Creek Side Gardens is stocking up on fun things for your garden and yard this season. Pottery Not every pot has to be... Read More

Creek Side Grand Re-Opening 2022

If the days are getting longer, you know there is a lot happening at Creek Side Gardens.  We know you think the Creek Side Green Team has spent the winter months lounging around somewhere warm.  But contrary to popular belief, we have been busy tearing the place apart and putting it back together for a fresh start to 2022.  Two greenhouses are already full of... Read More