Our Passion

courtyard 5-23-13Creek Side Garden’s passion shows through as one of the foremost community greenhouse, garden center and nurseries in the region.  We continually add color, beauty, excitement and joy to people’s lives with flowers, plants, garden accents and supplies. Inspiration grows here on a daily basis, in every season. We are rooted in the belief that being connected to nature, one another and to our community enhances all of our lives. We believe that life is full of amazement, pleasure, enjoyment, happiness and excitement. By utilizing an extensive variety of plant material we offer our guests unsurpassed personalized attention and inspire wonderful and unique designs to color their homes throughout the year. In addition to planning home spaces, we also provide our guests a unique selection of tasteful Indoor Living boutique home decor to connect their indoor and outdoor living experience. We are ready to help create something beautiful.

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Creek Side Gardens Passion

This is evident every spring as our greenhouses are filled with new plants where their journey begins in our garden and ends in our guests’ gardens for their enjoyment. Plants enhance the spaces they create to enrich peoples lives. These additions to a home help provide a quiet place, grounded in nature to decompress after a stressful day, a beautiful place to connect with family and socialize with friends; they create a common ground that encourages respect for each other and the world around us. They invite us to breathe, relax and enjoy the beauty of life.

Every day at Creek Side we are inspired by our plants, families, guests and community. We enjoy creating new experiences to share. Our Creek Side passion begins with our beautiful plants which is enhanced by the community around us. We have discovered living and working with intent allows us to respect those and the world around us, live responsibly and to give back to our community.

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