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Garden Specials


Creek Side features and highlights garden specials in order to help you take advantage of what plants or products you may need as each portion of the gardening season rolls along throughout the calendar year. Not only do our garden center specials offer significant savings to help make your gardening and gift giving efforts a little more affordable, but the current specials also promote top-quality products that will be useful to you at a time in the gardening season when those products are most helpful.

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courtyard2-5-22Early spring garden specials may include fresh new seeds or seed sowing growing supplies to help the do-it-yourself home gardener get a jump on the season. Spring garden center specials could include new season plants, flowers or supplies that will help get the gardening season off on the right foot. Our Super Summer Sidewalk Sale,  features a whole host of wonderful selections including home décor, garden décor and pottery.  Other summer specials may include flowering annuals, perennials, herbs and vegetables, roses, flower pots and planters, outdoor furniture, soil and fertilizer that are of premium quality and specially timed for filling a need at that time of the year. Fall specials promote the fall-is-for-planting theme, an opportunity for gardeners to take advantage of the warm soil and environmentally less stressful conditions for planting trees, shrubs and perennials.

Typically the Creek Side garden specials are offered for one week at a time, beginning on a Friday just in time for weekend gardening activity, and ending the following Thursday. Each Friday a new garden center special will be featured that highlights what is actually and really special for that particular time of the year. Check our website for what the current specials may be. Or sign up to receive our “Color in Your Life” eNewsletter each week so that you do not miss what you may be looking for.

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