Bonus Bucks Rewards

Creek Side Rewards

courtyard 5-22Your shopping business and loyalty are very important to everyone at Creek Side Gardens. We very much appreciate your patronage and certainly enjoy visiting with you to help make you the most successful gardener, decorator or gift-giver you can be. Or just to make your Creek Side shopping experience fun! And to show our appreciation for your visit, we offer Bonus Bucks, the Creek Side rewards program. Everybody is eligible to participate and everybody enjoys the rewards of the program.

Please call our Green Team at 303-933-8493 or contact us online.

pumpkin courtyard 2013The program is very simple. When you need flowers, gifts or gardening supplies, you shop at Creek Side Gardens any day in the month of May and receive a 5% rebate in Bonus Bucks, the Creek Side rewards program. You may then redeem your Bonus Bucks anytime in the months of July, August, September, October, November and December. Your Bonus Bucks may be redeemed on most any purchase, dollar for dollar during the last six months of the calendar year. The more you purchase in May, the more Bonus Bucks you will have to spend. Need a few mid-summer fill-in plants or fertilizer to spruce up your patio container gardens? When you use your Bonus Bucks, it won’t cost you a thing to keep your flowers looking fantastic. How about treating yourself to that special piece of home décor in the Indoor Living Shop you have had your eye on? No need to feel guilty when you use your Bonus Bucks. It’s a treat you deserve and it costs nothing. How about some fall pumpkins to decorate your porch? How about a Christmas tree? Yep, you can use your Bonus Bucks there, too!

Need inspiration? Call today at 303-933-8493 or contact us online.

Xmas trees 3Bonus Bucks are Creek Side rewards offered to our loyal customers during the busiest time of the year, the month of May. You’re planning on shopping for that awesome Mother’s Day gift anyway, might as well shop at Creek Side, collect your Bonus Bucks and visit later in the year to treat yourself as well. There are only a couple of rules to follow: Bonus Bucks cannot be used to purchase sale items or gift certificates. They are not transferable to the following year. Either use them during the current year or lose them. Otherwise don’t let them burn a hole in your pocket, visit Creek Side Gardens later in the year to find what else we have going on throughout the seasons!