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O'Grady's 2016

Steve, Rhonda & Jake O’Grady – The O’Grady’s founded Creek Side Gardens in late 2006 after purchasing the former Garden Trails property from the McNitt family.  In 2012, we were joined by Will Knowles, a veteran in the industry.  Will has taken the reigns as our GM and Heads our Growing Operations.   Will brings an abundance of knowledge, experience and passion to Creek Side Gardens.  In 2015, Will joined us as a partner.




Will Knowles – “Creek Side Gardens is the perfect place to be for a guy who loves growing flowers and sharing that passion with our guests. My first job in high school was at our local greenhouse. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Horticulture.  From growing to sales, wholesale to retail, I have had the pleasure of pursuing something I love to do every day. I would love for you to please stop by to introduce yourself and say hello. Then let me and the Green Team know what we can do to help bring color to your life!”




Holly Bullotta – “After 30 years in the garden business and retail industry I realized, I still love it!  Sharing my passion with others excites me and always regenerates my enthusiasm. I love perennial gardening most because I love how you can create color for an entire season. As the Retail Manager, I have been entrusted to select the products and gifts we sell here at Creek Side.  Pulling it all together through the seasons and watching customer reactions, makes me proud to be here and part of the Green Team.”



Kerry Poppe – joining the green team in 2014 Kerry is well-rooted with the planting needs of Colorado gardening. When I’m not digging around in my  own garden.  Kerry received her CNGA certification as a nursery professional in 2017.  Kerry is our off-site landscape consultant to many of our customers. “Teaching and sharing my love of horticulture and design to people is what satisfies me most.







Selina McKee – originally from Omaha, Nebraska Selina’s love of gardening started with her grandmother, ‘ she introduced me to it and I was hooked!’  Selina moved to Colorado in 2013 where she continued to work in the industry and received her Colorado Certified Nursery Professional (CCNP) certificate.  Selina joined Creek Side in 2017 and she is a valuable addition with her customer service, plant knowledge and retail experience.





Lois Reynolds – “I can’t remember a time when I didn’t love gardening. Most of that love was passed down from my mother and grandmother. Annuals, perennials and house plants are my favorites, but I would never say no to a plant of any variety. I retired from teaching in Oklahoma and moved to Denver in 2005 to be near my family and trained to become a Jefferson County master gardener.  I joined the team at Creek Side in 2007 where I enjoy talking with our Creek Side guests and offering suggestions that will lead to gardening success.”




Kay Andreasen – I remember from an early age loving the outdoors and gardening. I spent time with my Mom planting flowers and gardening in the backyard. My love of flowers led me to floral design for 11 years. I moved on to working at a large retail nursery/growers in Kansas City, MO. Over the years I worked in the perennial, annual and trees/shrubs departments taking care of plants and assisting customers in selecting the best plants to enhance their outdoor spaces. I moved to Colorado in 2020 and began working at Creekside for the 2021 season. I am excited to be a part of the Creekside Green Team. Each day is an opportunity to meet new people and assist them with plant selections that bring them joy and enhance their outdoor spaces.





Hunter Fiori –  Hunter joined the Green Team in 2016 when he was still in high school.  As a key member of this team Hunter is our ‘go to guy’.  Helping with all aspects of the day from filling pots with soil, to loading soil and mulch for customers to pulling weeds.  All the customers appreciate is great attitude and willingness to jump in.  A simple and pleasant ‘copy that’ comes across the radio knowing that Hunter is ready to help.





Michelle Evans – Michelle joined the green team March of 2021.  She has been a welcome addition to helping customers and being part of the retail team.  “I started loving plants when I was in a Botany class. I discovered we have a lot more of a connection to plants than we realized and from then on, I was hooked. I love caring and nurturing for my own plants, so it was a natural next step for me to apply my knowledge somewhere on a bigger scale.







Ben Barbic – This is Ben’s first season here at Creek Side here in 2021 and will be a Junior at Dakota Ridge this fall.  This young man has proven to be a hard worker and helps out all the staff and customers.  Ben always has a smile and a great attitude.  “I like working here because of the atmosphere, everyone is so nice to work with and all the customers are really nice.  I like it because I can interact with the outdoors and nature.”






Bud our Creek Side Cat – As a stray, Bud wandered in one day in 2010 and decided to stay. Always popular with kids of all ages and adults, he is our resident greeter (when he feels like it).  Many times customer will come and say, ‘Where is Bud today?”  An excellent mouser and often times chasing butterflies, but mostly doing what cat’s do.  Be sure to look for him around the courtyard, you never know where he will pop out.







Creek Side features a team of dedicated, creative and experienced professionals to help you every step of the way through your gardening and decorating process. From selecting the best plant for your garden or deciding which colors go best together, to gift wrapping that perfect gift for that someone special, the Green Team does it all.