Plant & Gardening Trends

Creek Side Gardens Top 10 Gardening Tips

Plan your Garden Draw and follow a plan for plants, fences and hardscape to avoid having to move them as the garden evolves. Determine the type and style of garden you want, and then develop a 5-year plan to accomplish the makeover. Find the right plant for the right location – sun or shade, tall or short etc. Minimize maintenance Make it as easy as... Read More

Vegetable Garden Planning 101

Interested in eating fresh, healthy foods?  Nothing can be more fresh and healthy than what you grow & harvest in your very own garden! Seasoned vegetable gardeners use a growing schedule based on their own experiences.  New vegetable gardeners scratch their heads and wonder where to start.  The following suggestions will help you sort the options as you develop a plan that’s just right for... Read More


Biology and Chemistry are irrefutably linked together and we see this partnership every garden season.  Following is a good example of what is required to rid yourself of suckers…the plant variety!  This is Ethyl 1-naphthaleneacetate or NAA and more commonly marketed as Sucker Stopper©.  But before you reach for the chemistry solution, an understanding of the biological reason for a plant to sucker. A sucker,... Read More

Perennial Planting Time!

April and May are terrific months for planting perennials!  The cool nights and bright days offer the newly transplanted plants a little time to relax, get situated in their new locale and begin growing new roots.  Incorporate organic matter like Creek Side’s Natures Yield compost to the soil at planting time to help create a superior rooting environment.  Keep watered thoroughly for the first few... Read More

Your Own Habitat Hero Haven

We’ve all dreamed about living on our own private refuge somewhere out there. Why not build your own little beautiful getaway right here at home? One that will provide more than your own satisfaction – it will help establish a welcoming sanctuary in our urban desert of asphalt and concrete. A place where birds, butterflies and hummingbirds can find a haven of natural food and... Read More

April (Snow) Showers, Bring May Flowers

“Early gardens are planted on the pray-as-you-sow plan.” ~ Edythe Soper b. 1912  English naturalist It is time to plan your To Do List for the month of April.  Consider planting cool season perennials and annuals that have been hardened-off so they are ready for the cool weather.  Resist planting tender plants too soon because of the erratic spring weather in Colorado.  Days of warm... Read More

Three Plants of Easter

The Passion Flower (Passiflora incarnata) This vining plant has long green leaves and bright red petals.  Each part of this plant can be interpreted as symbols connected with Easter.  First, the stigma (part of the pistil where pollen germinates) in the center of the flower is made up of three parts that represent the nails used during the crucifixion of Jesus.  Second, ten of the... Read More

Trees for all Seasons

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago,  the second best time is now.” ~CHINESE PROVERB As the spring planting season is quickly approaching, one can not underestimate the value of including trees in the landscape.  Now is the time to consider new tree planting and pruning existing trees.  Nothing else you can plant will have the presence and character of a... Read More

March in the Landscape

“To dig and delve in nice clean dirt   Can do a mortal little hurt.” John Kendrick Bangs (1862-1922) American Writer Before any planting, the soil must be dry, not wet! Working with the soil when wet drastically alters the structure of the soil particles by compacting them. This does not allow for movement of oxygen, microbes, and composting arthropods/insects which are necessary for plants to... Read More

Early Season Garden Fun

With the beautiful February thaw weather that we have been having, has everyone had a chance to get out into your yard and garden to see how things are doing? It has been an interesting winter season.  There has been a fair amount of steady snowfall over the course of the last several months.  So much so that in the lowest, shadiest areas of the... Read More